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Sodor is usually shown as much larger than the Isle of Man.

Thus there is no Island of Sodor; rather, the fictional island takes its name from an archipelago.One of the more famous settlements on Sodor is Ffarquhar, the terminus of Thomas the Tank Engine's Branch Line.All of the other settlements on the island are described in Locations on the Island of Sodor, while the six railway lines from The Railway Series are described below.Awdry noted that while there was an Isle of Man, there was no similar Island of Sodor.A large island would meet the criteria he required, giving him the isolation from changes to the British railway system while giving him somewhere that people could believe in. Elsbridge was named after Wilbert's parish of Elsworth.

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The summit is reached by the Culdee Fell Railway, which is based on the Snowdon Mountain Railway in Wales.

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